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Combined Container
Combined container is a kind of ship that is utilized for transportation of cargo. This is also called as break bulk cargo. Various freight transportation processes (such as rail, ships, and trucks) are assisted with the use of this kind of container.

Shipping Container
Shipping containers are commonly utilized for withstanding the higher loads of cargo. These containers or huge boxes are transported using water or land shipping methods. For import and export transportation, the demand of these containers always remains high.


Security Cabin
Security cabin are generally utilized for providing shelter and safety to the security guards or other related staffs. This kind of cabin is used in some commercial sectors such as factories, mines, educational settings premises, and military sectors.

Toilet Containers
Toilet containers are the containers used as urinals. With the advanced technology, these containers are equipped with all the necessary techniques and hygienic infrastructure. These proficient containers are highly spacious and can be used for distinct commercial travelling.

Portable Cabins
Portable cabins are used for commercial transportations. These cabins are like offices and play important roles in doing professional tasks without any lack of space regions.  Since they are made up of steel, the strength of the cabins can be easily depicted.

Office Containers
Office containers are actually made for conducting the professional work and commercial researches with the transportation or portability benefits. These are strongly made and can be used for variety of applications.  Office containers look exactly like offices and are ideal choices for business trips.

Intermodal Container
Intermodal container is different version of shipping containers that are incredibly stronger than the conventional industrial containers. With the growth and development in the industry sector, the utilization and demand of these high quality containers is significantly rising.

Refrigerated Container
Refrigerated container is used to store or transport some delicate items such as food products like vegetables and fruits. The container is also utilized for storing flowers, pharmaceutical items and other chemical materials that need sustainable temperatures for the preventing damage.

Container Leasing for Hire/Rental
Container leasing for hire/rental is a commercial article that can easily minimize manual work. These containers are the perfect investments for growing the logistics network. These are used for short term loading or long term storage.  This is a great storage tool utilized in various industries.

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